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​​Here you'll find our hand-picked collection of ​funny golf shirts.  ​​​​Whether you're looking for ​a c​lever way to share your passion for golf with ​non-golfers ​or some ​hilarious shirts that only other golfers will fully appreciate, we've got you covered. ​Our team of ​​comedic golfers has ​searched the depths of the interwebs ​to curate this amazing collection of our favorite funny golf shirts. Most designs are also available on a wide variety of other products (mugs, stickers, sweatshirts etc) just in case t-shirts ain't your thing. ​​We did all the hard work so you wouldn't have're welcome. Happy shopping!

​ ​funny golf shirts

happy gilmore golf ball whacker guy shirt, funny golf t shirt

​​Nintendo Happy Gilmore Shirt

​A little retro Nintendo graphic mixed with some Happy Gilmore "Amazing Golf Ball Whacker Guy" humor...genius! One of the best funny golf t shirts we've ever seen. Add it to your wardrobe today!

problem solved funny golf t shirt, funny golf shirt for guys

​"Problem Solved" Funny Golf T Shirt

​Hilarious golf t-shirt featuring a women yelling at a man (Problem) and a man golfing (Solved.) It's beautiful in its simplicity and most married golfers can certainly relate to this funny golf tee. Pick one up for your golf buddy!           

make tiger great again red t shirt, funny tiger woods shirt, funny golf shirt

​​"Make Tiger Great Again" Golf T Shirt

​​Making America Great Again is nice and all, but I think we're all waiting for the day that Tiger Woods returns to form. Share your love for Tiger with this clever MAGA parody and awesomely funny golf t-shirt. 

golf hole in one t shirt, hilarious golf shirt, golf joke shirt

​"Hole In One" Funny Golf Tee Shirt

​​Read between the lines and it says, "I GOT A beer on every HOLE and threw my driver IN ONE of the ponds." Hilarious for your friends at the club and non-golfers alike. Truly a classic in the world of funny golf shirts.

your hole is my goal, funny golf shirt, funny t shirts for golfers

​​"Your Hole Is My Goal" Funny Golf T

​​Nothing like a little sexual innuendo mixed in with your passion for golf...hell, everything about golf sounds a bit sexual. Shafts, balls and holes...oh my! Share your love for the game with this hilarious golf tee shirt.

golf drinking and driving, funny golf t shirt

​​Funny Golf Shirt "Drink and Drive"

​Drinking and golfing go hand in hand, so it's pretty safe to say that there are some pretty drunk golf cart drivers out on the golf course at any given time. This shirt captures that "Golf - Drinking and Driving Since 1642" quite nicely. 

daily reminder awesome golfer, funny golf shirt, golfer affirmation shirt

​​​​Daily Reminder - Funny Golf Shirt

​​Confidence is key when you're a golfer, so what better way to pump yourself up than this clever "You're An Awesome Golfer" positive affirmation shirt. Just pull it out from the bottom and look down to find your confidence anytime.

​Miracles and Golfers T Shirt

​As all golfers can surely relate to, this funny golf-themed shirt reads "I Am A Golfer, I Don't Believe In Miracles... I Rely On Them." A lucky bounce or fortunate break can mean the difference between glory and disaster. 

world's okayest golfer, funny shirts for golfers, hilarious golf gag shirt

​​​"World's Okayest Golfer" Joke T-Shirt

​A delightful gag gift for your favorite golfer who doesn't take their mediocrity too seriously. Let's face it, there are the pro's and then there's the rest of us...and there's nothing wrong with celebrating our "Okay-ness."

venn diagram golfers, funny golf t shirt, humorous shirts for golfers

​​​​​Venn Diagram - Funny Golfer Shirt

​​​At the intersection of smart, sexy and funny, you'll find most golfers (at least we like to think so.) Pick up one of these fun golf shirts for the golfer in your life who's the total package...or maybe it's you, pick one up for yourself, you sexy beast.

golf and beer why i'm here humorous golf tee shirt

​​​"Golf & Beer...That's Why I'm Here"

​What else do you need, really? This funny golf t-shirt is perfect for your drinking / golfing buddy. It's sure to be a hit around the clubhouse, at a neighborhood BBQ or just about anywhere for that matter.

this is how i roll funny golf shirt, golf cart shirt, golf joke t shirt

​​​​​"This Is How I Roll" Funny Golf Shirt

​A wonderfully clever play on the popular phrase "That's how I roll," adapted for golf lovers. This ​sweet t shirt will make an excellent addition to any ​golfer's wardrobe, providing ​humor and laughs whenever ​it's worn.

grab your balls we're going golfing, funny t shirt for golfers

​​​"Grab Your Balls" Funny Golf Shirt

​​​​This phrase gets a ton of mileage around our office, and it still elicits a good laugh. Share your wacky sense of humor with the world with your brand new "Grab Your Balls...We're Going Golfing" t-shirt.

golfers make great lovers, funny shirts for golfers, golf t shirt for husband or wife

​"Golfers Make Great Lovers" Shirt

​​​​Well, duh. Everybody knows that, but just in case, you can remind them with your snazzy new t-shirt. Great gift idea for the husband, wife, boyfriend or mistress. They'll love it, and love you even more for getting it for them.

golfers are sofa king cool, funny golf tee shirts

​​​"Golfers Are Sofa King Cool" Shirt

​How cool are they? Say it out loud if you haven't figured it out already. Yeah, that cool. 4 out of 5 dentists agree. Share your enthusiasm with golfers everywhere ​and pick up this awesomely funny golf tee shirt.

i like big putts and i cannot lie, funny golf gift

​​​Funny Golf Shirt - "I Like Big Putts"

​​​​Oh my god, B​ecky, look at that putt. A wise man once said, "I like big butts and I cannot lie." ​Slightly modified for golf​, this cleverly funny golf shirt proclaims your love of golf and witty pop culture references. Made from 100% cotton, because silicone parts are made for toys...whip crack!

golfers do it in every hole, funny golf shirts, golf innuendo

​​​​"Golfers Do It In Every Hole" Shirt

​Featuring yet another deliciously tasty golf pun with ​some not terribly subtle sexual undertones, this funny golf shirt is sure to raise a few eyebrows. It's literally true, so anyone who has a problem with it clearly needs to get their mind out of the gutter.

wake up happy sleep with golfer, funny t shirts for golfers

​"Sleep With A Golfer" Funny Golf Tee

​Waking up next to a golfer is one of life's great joys (or so we've been told.) S​pread some joy upon the rest of the world with this funny golf shirt. Perfect shirt for the sexy golfer you love waking up next to every morning, or get one for yourself to spread the word.

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eat sleep golf repeat t shirt, funny shirt for avid golfers, passionate golfer shirt

"Eat Sleep Golf" ​​​​Funny Golf Shirt

​Every golfer's dream, sleep, golf and do it all over again the next day...and the day after that. Share your passion for golf with the rest of the world with these fun and funny golf t-shirts.

tap it in happy gilmore shirt, funny t-shirt for golfers, hilarious golf tee shirt

​​​​​"Just Tap It In" Happy Gilmore Shirt

​One of the great scenes from Happy Gilmore immortalized on a t-shirt for you to share with all of your golfing buddies. Just try not to get too cocky about all the laughs and compliments being thrown your way.

be the ball funny golf tee shirt, caddyshack golf t shirt, funny golf shirts for guys

​"Be The Ball" Funny Golf T-Shirt

​​Another classic golf movie quote, this favorite from Caddyshack is very zen and sure to keep your game (and mind) firing on all cylinders. Ty Webb had many memorable lines, but this one will surely live on forever as one of the best.

bushwood country club shirt, funny caddyshack t shirt, caddyshack characters

​Caddyshack Characters Golf T Shirt

​​A beautiful collection of Caddyshack's most hilarious characters adorn this funny golf t-shirt. It's sure to be a hit with golfers and non-duffers alike. So I guess you've got that going for ya, which is nice.

happy gilmore caddy t shirt, funny golf shirt, funny happy gilmore golf shirt

​Happy Gilmore "Caddy Abuse" Shirt

​​​​One of the funniest moments in Happy Gilmore immortalized in t-shirt form, as Happy has some choice words for his goofy looking caddy. It's one of our favorite funny golf shirts from one of the funniest golf movies of all time.

gone clubbin funny golf t shirt, humorous tee shirts for golfers

​​​​​​​"Gone Clubbin' " Funny Golfer Shirt

​​A beautiful retro golf bag design with the hip "Gone Clubbin'" phrase complete this perfectly punny golf tee shirt. It just might become your favorite funny golf tee. Add this gorgeously awesome shirt to your wardrobe today! 

national 3 putt champion golf humor shirt, funny golf shirt for bad putters, golf joke shirt

​"National 3-Putt Champion" Golf Joke Shirt

​​A wonderfully humble and funny golf shirt for the guy or gal who always struggles with the flat stick. Or it would make an excellent gag gift for your favorite horrible putter. Either way, it's a classic that's sure to be appreciated by others in the golf world.

i golf and i know things funny golfer shirt, hilarious shirt for golfer, golf joke t shirt

​​​Hilariously Funny Golf Tee Shirt

​​​​This hilarious golf shirt would make a great father's day gift for your awesome golfing dad or grandfather...or anyone else who enjoys the game of golf and handing out unsolicited advice. They golf, they know's just what they do.

it takes balls to golf like i do, funny golf shirt

​"​Takes A Lot Of Balls" Funny Golf Shirt

​Another classic in the world of funny golf t-shirts is this humorous "It Takes A Lot Of Balls To Golf Like I Do." There are two very obvious interpretations of this statement and both are actually funny. It just works on so many levels...well at least two. 

chicks dig golfers t shirt, funny t-shirts for golfers, flirty golfer tee shirt

​Funny "Chicks Dig Golfers" T-Shirt

​As if the world needed another reminder just how sexy and attractive golfers are, this cleverly cool "Chicks Dig Golfers" shirt will help refresh their memory. Wear it to support your favorite golf hunk (boyfriend, husband, etc.)

fore golf t shirt, funny golf themed t shirts, humorous tee shirts for golfers

​​​​​"Fore" Golf Tee Shirt

​Simple and pure in its delivery, this "Fore!" shirt will be cherished by golfers all over the world. Announce your presence as a golfer wherever you may go and you'll be making new friends in no time with this awesomely funny golf-themed shirt.

you'd drink too if you were a golfer t shirt, funny golf tee shirt, golf drinking shirt

​"You'd Drink Too..." Funny Golf Shirt

​For some of us, golfing drives us to drink...while for others, drinking is a great excuse to go golfing. Whatever your motivations may be, we can safely assume that drinking and golfing are part of your daily routine. Share your passion with the world!  

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