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​​Here you'll find our collection of the best golf gag gifts.  ​​​​Whether you're looking for ​a classic golf gag gift (exploding golf balls) or ​something fresh in the golf prank department, we've got you covered. ​Our team of ​mischievous golfers has seen it all out on the golf course and this collection of funny golf gag gifts is sure to ​bring a little levity to even the most serious of golf matches. ​​We did all the hard work so you wouldn't have're welcome. Happy shopping!

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emoji golf balls, funny golf gag gift, gag gift for golfers

​​Emoji Golf Balls Gift Set

​​While these adorable emoji golf balls would be great for a beginner, they make a perfect gag gift for the serious golfer. It's virtually impossible not to laugh when you tee up one of these ​colorful emoji balls. Spread the love, spread the fun, spread the joy.

potty putter, funny golf gag gift, toilet golf gag gift

​Potty Putter - Funny Golf Gag Gift

​​​Combining two of our favorite things, ​golf and pooping, this funny golf gag gift is guaranteed to be ​the sh*t, yo. Give them something productive to do in there, besides playing silly games on their phone. They'll love it so much that they'll practice until ​their legs fall asleep. 

golfer gag gift crappy golf balls, gag gift for golfers

​Crappy Golf Balls - Golf Gag Gift

​​Golf gag gifts don't get much funnier than these "Crappy Golf Balls For A Crappy Golfer." Why waste money on nice golf balls when they're just going to be lost in the trees, ponds, bushes, etc.? Golfers of all ability levels will surely get a kick out of these.

turd driver golf plunger, funny golf gag gift

​The Turd Driver - Golf Gag Gift

​​A real working plunger attached to a golf club? ​​You have my attention. Introducing the Turd Driver, one of the newest (and definitely one of the funniest) additions to the golf gag gift lineup in recent years. It's the Royal Flush of golf gag gifts.

the wow putter, funny golf gift, golf gag gift

​Wow Putter - Funny Golf Gag Putter

​​The Holy Grail of golf gag putters, this amazing putter has all of the bells and whistles (almost quite literally.) Tape measure, compass, level, horn, lucky rabbit's foot...this baby's got it all. Perfectly funny gag gift ​​that's sure to have them rolling with laughter.

broken window golf ball car sticker, golf gag gift, funny gift for golfers

​​Broken Window Golf Gag Car Decal

​​Great golf gag gift for the golf course parking lot or driveway at home. This peel 'n stick car window decal looks like a golf ball has ​smashed into the window. Easily removed and transferred to the next victim's window so the laughs will never stop.

4 pack exploding golf balls, the original golf prank

​​​​4 Pack Exploding Golf Balls

​It just might be THE original golf gag gift, but it's still one of the best. These balls explode in a puff of ​dust when ​struck, after which roll-on-the-ground laughter follows. Perfect for golf outings, league events or your weekly game with buddies.

golf gag gift foot wedge, hilarious golf gag gift

The Foot Wedge - Golf Gag Gift

​We all know the guy (or gal) who ​utilizes the unofficial "foot wedge" when it comes to bad lies, tough rough or inconvenient obstructions. Why not give them ​the real thing with this hilarious gag gift? ​It's a real crowd pleaser at golf outings. 

mysack funny golf ball pouch, great gag gift for golfers

​​​My Sack - Funny Golf Ball Pouch

​​This hilarious golf gift would make a ​manly addition to any golf bag. Holds 2 golf balls and ​has a velcro closure to keep your balls safe and warm at all times. You'd be nuts to miss out on this one. Sell the family jewels and ​test(​​es) one ​out today.

fake snake golf prank, golf gag gift, golf course pranks

​​​​​Fake Rubber Snake - Golf Prank

​​The next item up for your golf ​prank consideration is a ​black mamba rubber snake. Few things strike fear into golfers hearts (maybe crocodiles or 3-putts) like the sight of an unexpected snake. Hide it in the rough, in the cart, the possibilities are endless,​

golfing gag gift, air horn for golf course, funny golf gag gift

​​​Hilarious Golf Prank - Air Horn

​There are very few circumstances where a well-timed honk from an air horn is not going to be hilarious. Catch 'em midswing just once early in the round and they'll be flinching every time they take the club back ​for the rest of the day. Brilliant!

poop putter funny golf gift, golfing gag gift

​Poop Putter - Perfect Golf Gag Gift

​​​Perfect gift for the ​golfer who can't putt ​for sh*t. And yes, it's an actual putter you can use on the course, not just a gag gift. If nothing else, you need to read the product description full of ​amazingly crappy ​puns, corny jokes and ​toilet humor.

golf club urinal, funny golfer gift

​​Golf Club Urinal - Fun Golf Gag Gift

​​​There's never a bathroom nearby when you really need it out on the golf course, which is probably why so many golfer end up peeing in the woods, bushes, sand traps, etc. Show a little more discretion with this clever golf club urinal. Practical and hilarious, a win-win! 

funny golf gift, fake hair visor, funny gift for bald golfers

​Golf Gag Gift - Fake Hair Visor

​​​These visors with crazy hair wigs attached are perfect for charity golf tournaments or any other golf event where a little fun and craziness is appreciated. Check out all of the visor / hair options to find the perfect combination for your style.

the butt putt funny golf gift, golf gag gift training aid

​​​The Butt Putt - Funny Golf Gag Gift

​​​​​Hone your putting stroke by firing putts into the magical brown hole. This hilarious golf gag gift makes farting sounds ​and fires the balls back out of the butt. And if you can putt ​like this, you'll be ready to handle anything the real putting greens throw your way. 

lady golf ball sack, funny golf gag gift for women

​​​Funny ​Golf Gag Gift - Lady Ball Sack

​​​​​​Similar to the original MySack for men (see above) comes the pink Lady Golfer Ball Sack gag gift. Easily clips to the golf bag and holds up to 6 golf balls for easy access. It's sure to turn heads out on the golf course and she will love it (assuming she has a sense of humor.)

emergency underwear, golf gag gift, funny prank gift for golfers

​​​​Golfer Gag Gift - Emergency Undies

​Great gag gift for older golfers (looking at you Grandpa.) Tell them they can throw this emergency pair of skivvies in their golf bag in case of on-course accidents, which happen more and more frequently at their advanced age. A hilariously awesome golf gag gift.

over the hill golf tees, funny golf gag gift for older guys, golf joke gift

​Over The Hill Golf Gag Tees

​Extra thick and extra long (as all men aspire to be,) these Over The Hill gag golf tees are designed ​with the aging golfer in mind. Made from real wood, they'll enjoy pulling these out and sharing with their fellow golfers who are over the hill. 

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head down funny golf tees, golf gag gift

Funny "Keep Yo Head Down" Golf Tees

​​​​The perfect funny gag gift for golfers who can't seem to keep their head down. These tees feature a naked ​golfer ass-up diving into the ground with the tee emerging from their ​posterior. A practical reminder in a hilarious package, no ifs, ands or "butts" about it.

fake spider golf prank, golf gag gift, funny golf cart prank

​Hilarious Golf Prank - Fake Spiders

​Much like the fake snake golf prank featured above, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to ​pranking your golf buddies with these. Leave them in the golf cart, in their bag or even their shoes for limitless fun at the golf course. Just like beer, sold in a 12 pack. 

farting golf ball, golf gag gift, funny golf gift

​The Farting Golf Ball - Golf Gag

​​Another classic golf gag gift, the Farting Golf Ball has been around for years. It wobbles, skids and makes farting sounds when you putt it, leaving your playing competitors in stitches. Great for golf outings and fun charity events where a good laugh is appreciated.  

golf gag gift, dark green golf balls, impossible to find golf prank

​Impossible To Find Green Golf Balls

​These hunter green golf balls make the perfect golf gag gift as they're nearly impossible to find after you hit them. Blending in perfectly with the grass, they'll spend ​half their day trying to find these ​cleverly camouflaged green balls, and everyone else will just think it's funny.

golfers crotch hook, golfer gag gift, funny gift for golfers

​​​​Golfer's Crotch Hook - Golf Gag Gift

​​​​Hilariously fun (and possibly effective), the golfer's crotch hook teaches golfers to keep their head down throughout the golf swing. Lift your head up and this harness will pull the hook (attached to your groin) up in a painful reminder. A cheap and funny golf gag gift.

golf gag gift poop golf balls, poop emoji golf gag gift

​​​​​Poop Golf Balls - Funny Golf Gag Gift

​A great golf gag gift for the crappiest golfer you know, these poop emoji golf balls are sure to pass the smell test. Each 3 pack comes with the balls you see above, 2 white balls with poop logos and one brown ball with a smiley face. They'll love em, we sh*t you not.  

3pack male humor golf balls, golf gag gift

​3 Pack Male Humor Gag Golf Balls

​​Made especially for guys, this 3 pack of gag golf balls is sure to get a rise out of ​his fellow golfers. Each ball has a humorous (possibly embarrassing) phrase printed on it. Swap your buddy's ball out for one of these and let the entertainment begin.

perky hot girl golf tees, sexy woman tees, funny golf tees

​​​​​Hot ​Mama Golf Tees - Golf Gag Gift

​​​​The perky lady golf tee is a classic in the world of golf gag gifts. Perfect for bachelor parties on the golf course, golf outings or anywhere else that a little sexy golf humor is appreciated. Exquisitely detailed for maximum eye pleasure​ and entertainment.

poop emoji golf headcover, funny golfer gifts

​​​​​Poop Emoji Golf Club Headcover

​​Check out this adorably funny poop emoji golf head cover. It would make an excellent gag gift for the sh*ttiest ​golfer in your group. Instantly adds levity and humor to even the most intense, sphincter-clenching matches. It's turd-tastic!  

golf schwetty balls, funny golf gifts

​One Dozen Shiny Schwetty Balls

​​Quite possibly the funniest golf balls in the world. ​Instead of traditional golf ball numbers, these 2-packs contain an L and an R (Left Ball and Right Ball, if that wasn't already obvious.) Not ​purely a gag gift, they are actually a decent-quality performance golf ball ... comedy and function, now that's a nice pair. 

kneel and pray putter, funny golf gag gift

​"Kneel and Pray" Golf Gag Putter

​​​​While most golfers secretly pray before each putt (we know we do), this hilarious golf gag gift takes it to a whole new level. This tiny hand putter gets the golfer down on his knees, making the always ​effective putt-and-pray ​method that ​much easier.​ ​Maybe even have it blessed by your local holy man, magic!​

dammit doll stress reliever, funny golf gift

​​​​​​​Golf Gag Gift - Stress Reliever Doll

Let's ​be honest, golf can be ​infuriating...and we need a better outlet to blow off steam than ​snapping clubs over our knees. Enter the Dammit Doll, a golf-styled stress reliever doll meant to be beaten and abused like a rented mule. Funny gag gift for golfers with anger management issues.  

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