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​​Here you'll find our collection of the best golf ​movies ever made. Whether you're looking for the ​tried and true golf movie classics (Caddyshack, Tin Cup or Happy Gilmore) or ​something fresh ​in the golf cinematic universe, we've got you covered. ​Our team of ​​Hollywood-dropout golfers has seen ​just about every golf movie that's ever hit the big (or small) screen and we've created this list of the best movies about golf to help you sort between the ​birdies and the double bogeys of the silver screen. ​​We did all the hard work so you wouldn't have're welcome. Happy shopping!

​ ​the best golf movies  |  funny golf movies

caddyshack golf movie, greatest golf movies of all time, best golf movie


​The gold standard against which all other funny golf movies are measured, Caddyshack remains a timeless classic of outrageous golf humor and fun. A band of misfits goes up against the country club elites in this ​hilarious ​story. It's probably the most often quoted golf movie in the history of ever and it needs to be in every golfer's movie collection.

happy gilmore golf movie, funny golf movies, best golf movies

​Happy Gilmore

​Back when Adam Sandler was still funny, he created ​a masterpiece of golf movie history​ with Happy Gilmore. ​An ex-hockey player turns golfer and tries to make it on the pro golf tour ​to save his Grandma's house...hilarity ensues at every turn. Everyone has their own personal preference, but ​Happy could easily be the funniest golf movie of all time.        

tin cup golf movie, funny golf movies, best movies about golf

​Tin Cup

​Often mentioned when talking about the best golf movies of all-time​, Tin Cup offers sharp golf humor, realistic golfing action, an unforgettable cast of characters and a ​little romance rolled into one of the greatest golf stories ever told. Driving range pro Roy "Tin Cup" McAvoy chases golf glory in the US Open with his trusty sidekick and caddy, Cheech Marin.    

legend of bagger vance golf movie, best golf movies, favorite movies about golf

​The Legend Of Bagger Vance

​​A star-studded cast brings this feel-good golf story to life as a once-promising golf prodigy (Matt Damon) tries to overcome his demons to compete in an exhibition match against golf heavyweights. A mysterious caddy (Will Smith) emerges to help him find his game and exorcise his demons.

greatest game ever played golf movie, classic golf movies, best golf movies

​​The Greatest Game Ever Played

​​Based on a true story, The Greatest Game Ever Played recounts the underdog story of Francis Ouimet, an amateur golfer who challenged the best golfers in the world at the 1913 US Open. It's a lighthearted, inspiration tale that is sure to delight young golfers and young-at-heart golfers alike.

seven days in utopia golf movie, new golf movies, best movies about golf

​Seven Days In Utopia

​​The kid from Slingblade is all grown up and trying to make the pro golf tour, but after an embarrassing incident on the course, he needs a little time away. Fast forward to him getting stuck in Utopia, TX for a week​ where his encounters with the locals might provide just what he needs to get his sh*t together.

seve golf movie, seve ballesteros golf story, biographical golf movies

​​​​Seve - The Movie

​​Seve recounts the life story of one of golf'a greatest talents and charismatic showmen, Seve Ballesteros. Combining a masterful cinematic recreation with actual archived footage, Seve - The Movie is a gem that any golf fan is sure to enjoy.

bobby jones stroke of genius golf movie, classic golf story, historical golf movies

​Bobby Jones - Stroke Of Genius

​​Another biographical tale of one of golf's all-time greats, Stroke of Genius details the story of Bobby Jones, the only golfer to ever capture the Grand Slam in a single season. Set against the story of Bobby's family life, ​Stroke of Genius is a wonderful golf movie.

short game golf movie, kids golf movie, childrens golf movie

​​​The Short Game

​The Short Game follows a group of young golfers from around the globe vying for the title of World Champion. It's like Toddlers In Tiaras and American Idol ha​d a baby and groomed it to be a golfer. This golf movie provides plenty of entertainment for everyone.

swing away golf movie, womens golf movie, golf movie for women

​​​​​Swing Away

​Swing Away is a fun golf movie about an LPGA pro (Nadia from American Pie) who's searching for redemption after a very public meltdown. She ​just may find it with the help of a young girl as they take on a common enemy together.

the squeeze golf movie, golf gambling movie, new movies about golf

​​​The Squeeze

​A young golf prodigy gets into the high-stakes world of golf gambling in this fairly new ​addition to the golf movie genre. Shooter McGavin stars in this fast-paced story of ​loyalty, pressure, family and and golf gambling.   

tommys honour golf movie, new golf movies, historical golf movies

​Tommy's Honour

​​Another historical golf movie, Tommy's Honour details the story of the founders of the game. A beautiful and engaging tale for anyone who loves the game of golf and wants to learn more about the origins and characters of golf's early days.

the founders golf movie, womens golf movie, lady golfers movies

​​​The Founders

​In 1950, 13 amateur women golfers battled society, finances and sometimes even each other to stake their claim to become professional sportswomen. Over time, these women would be recognized as true icons of sport and equality. This is the story of The Founders.

golf in the kingdom golf movie, inspirational golf movie, new golf movies

​Golf In The Kingdom

​En route to India in 1956, a young American takes a detour to the legendary Links of Burningbush. ​He is unexpectedly paired with the mysterious, mischievous golf pro Shivas Irons. The wild adventure he shares with ​Shivas over the next 24 hours will change his perception of golf and life ​forever.

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