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​​Here you'll find our collection of the best golf ​tournament gifts and golf outing gift swag bag ideas. Whether you're ​looking for some traditional golf tournament gifts (tees, balls, etc with charity or sponsor logos) or something unique and memorable (personalized leather golf bag tags or handmade wooden bottle openers) for your golfers, we've got you covered. ​Our team of ​​tournament-ready golfers has ​played in hundreds of golf events over the years and we've collected some of our favorite golf tournament gift ideas​ for your consideration. ​​We did all the hard work so you wouldn't have're welcome. Happy shopping!

​ golf Tournament gifts & Golf outing gift bag ideas

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​Callaway Golf Tournament Gift Set

​Save yourself some time creating the perfect golf gift bag and go with this golfer gift set from Callaway. Stainless steel travel mug, valuables pouch, golf ball alignment marking tool, tees and golf balls, this set has all the essentials that your golfers will love.

custom bottle opener, unique golf tournament gift, golf outing goodie bag idea

​Custom Engraved Wood Bottle Openers

​Give your golfers something unique that won't end up in the trash can. These handmade wooden bottle openers will be custom engraved with your event or charity name to create a lasting golf outing gift they'll treasure for many years to come.            

custom logo can coolers, golf goodie bag gift idea, golf tournament gifts

​​Custom Beer Can Coolers

​Golf and cold beer, the perfect combination...keep their beers cold with custom can koozies. Add your own charity logo or let one of your sponsors pay for their own logo. Full color printing makes these can coolers a ​cherished golf tournament gift.  

custom logo prov1 golf balls, golf tournament gift, golfer goodie bag gift

​Custom Logo Titleist ProV1 Golf Balls

​​Sure, you can give your golfers cheap logo balls which they'll promptly leave in the cart after the event...or you can give 'em the best with a sleeve of custom Titleist Pro V1 golf balls. Add a logo or text to commemorate the event and you've got yourself a swag bag winner.

golf outing gifts, golf event goodies, personalized golf tees

​Custom Printed Golf Tees

​Cheap and effective, golf tees with your own text printed on them will surely be a hit with the golfers in your event. They'll still use them long after your event is over, reminding them of your cause every time they tee it up. Now that's a hole in one!

microfiber golf towel, golf tournament gifts, golfer goodie bag ideas

​Microfiber Golf Towels

​​Every golfer needs a quality towel for their golf bag and these microfiber Greens Towels are one of our favorites. Easily clips to the golf bag with its carabiner clip for quick access. Get them in 6 packs for added savings in a variety of fun colors. 

custom logo golf divot tool, golf tournament gift, goodie bag for golf tournaments

​​​​Custom Logo Golf Divot Tools

​Another great golf tournament gift idea that you know they'll be sure to keep and use everytime they hit the course. Add your own photo or logo to the removable magnetic ball marker and you've got yourself an awesome golf tournament gift keepsake.

golf tournament gifts, golfer goodie bag poker chips, custom golf ball marker poker chip

​Custom Poker Chip Golf Ball Markers

​More and more golfers are now opting for the poker chip ball marker, so why not give them one customized with your event or charity logo? They'll use it, they'll love it. Maybe add a sponsor's logo to the ​reverse side and let the sponsor pick up the cost? Good idea. ​

custom logo water bottles, golf tournament gifts, golf outing gift bag ideas

​​​Custom Water Bottle Golf Outing Gift

​​Full color printing on these handy stainless steel water bottles makes for one amazing golf tourney gift. Completely customizable, you can add your event logo or some sponsor info to help offset some or all of the cost. Your golfers will appreciate it.

golf tournament gifts, golf goodie bag gifts, custom printed golf tees

​​​​​Personalized Golf Tees - Golf Outing Gifts

​​​​Get more bang for your buck with a bulk order of custom printed golf tees. Add your outing or charity name to create a practical golf goodie bag gift. ​Your golfers will still use them long after your event is over, reminding them of your cause every time they tee it up.

custom logo golf gloves, golf outing gift ideas, golf tournament gifts in goodie bags

​​​Custom Golf Gloves - Add Your Own ​Design

​​High quality leather golf gloves with a custom printed photo / logo area on the velcro flap. Add your own photo or artwork to create a uniquely wonderful golf tournament gift. Be sure to order a variety of sizes to cover all of your golfers.

mesh value golf visor, golf outing gift idea, golf tournament gifts

​Mesh Golf Visors - Golf Tournament Gift Idea

​​Choose from a wide selection of colors to add a versatile and stylish golf visor to your golf tournament goodie bags. At under $10 / each, these visors make fun and practical golf outing gifts. Adjustable velcro closure for easy sizing for all golfers.

golf outing gift, golf goodie bag umbrella, golf outing player gifts

​​​Drizzle Stick Golf Umbrellas

​​​​All golfers need a good umbrella for the golf course and the Drizzle Stick is one of the best in the world. Its mini-canopy fits directly over the top of the golf bag to keep clubs dry. It makes a great golf tournament gift idea that your golfers are sure to appreciate.

golf accessories pouch, golf tournament gifts, golf outing gift bag ideas

​Golf Caddy Pouch Accessory Bags

​​​​Another low cost item to add to your golf tournament gift bags is a golfer's accessory pouch. Attaches directly to the outside of the golf bag, allowing direct and quick access to tees, balls, markers, etc. Golfers will love their utility, you'll love the price.

gb golf towel, golf outing gift ideas, golf tournament golfer gifts

​​​Golf Towels - Great Golf Outing Gifts

​​​​Skip the thin, throw-away quality dishrag towel and add a high-quality golf towel to your golf outing gift bag. For the price, we like the GB golf towel with bag clip and its very handy washing pocket for cleaning clubs. Your golfers will agree. 

golf tournament gift ideas, leather golf bag tag gifts, custom engraved golf bag tags

​​​​Custom Leather Golf Bag Tags

​​​​​Golf tournament gifts don't get much more classy than this. Skip the cheap plastic bag tags and give 'em something they'll proudly show off to all of their golfing buddies. Customize these leather golf bag tags with your own message for a truly unique golf outing gift.

funny golf tournament gifts, golf poker chips, golf ball marker poker chips

​​​​​Golf-Themed Poker Chip Ball Markers

​​​​​Pick up several packs of these funny golf poker chips and distribute them to the golfers in your event. Adorned with funny golf sayings and pictures, these are sure to keep your golfers ​smiling and rolling with laughter all day long. A cheap and fun gift to add your your golf tournament goodie bags.

golfer sunscreen, golf tourney gifts, golfer goodie bag ideas

​​​​Golfer Sunscreen Wipes (Multi-pack)

​​​This one is less 'golfer gift' and more 'thoughtful organizer'. Nevertheless, spending 4+ hours in the sun (mixed with booze) can wreak havoc on the skin. Show 'em you care by adding these nifty sunscreen pouches to their golfer goodie bags. Even if they don't, their skin will thank you.

sponsor logo golf tournament gifts, golf stress ball golf outing gift bag ideas

​Squishy Golf Ball Stress Relievers

​Another fun golfer gift bag idea is a squishy stress reliever golf ball. Add your own logo or one for your sponsor and you've got a unique and playful golf outing goodie bag treat. Golf can be frustrating, a stress ball can certainly help ease the tension.

laser engraved wooden golf tees, golf tournament gifts, golf outing gifts

​Laser Engraved Wooden Golf Tees

​​​A small step up from custom printed golf tees, these tees are laser engraved with your message to create a simple, yet elegant golf tournament gift bag addition. Why settle for ordinary when you can give them something truly unique? Check em out!

golf outing gifts, golfer gift poker chips, golf ball marker logo poker chip

​Create Your Own Golf Poker Chip Markers

​​Add your own photo or logo to create a unique poker chip golf ball marker that your golfers are sure to enjoy. Choose from a variety of chip colors and print on both sides to design your own one-of-a-kind golf tournament gifts.  

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