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​​​​If you're ​searching for funny golf gifts, look no more. ​​​Whether you're looking for the perfect golf gag gift or just something hilariously golf-related for your favorite golfer, we've got you covered. ​Our team of ​funny golfers (​at least we like to think so) has ​​plumbed the depths of the web to curate this amazing collection of funny golf gifts. ​​We did all the hard work so you wouldn't have're welcome. Happy shopping!

funny golf gifts

poop putter, poop emoji golf, funny golf putter

​The Poop Putter - Hilarious Golf Gift

​Perfect gift for the ​golfer who can't putt worth a sh*t. And yes, it's an actual putter you can use on the course, not just a gag gift. If nothing else, you need to read the product description full of ​amazingly crappy ​puns and ​toilet humor.

worlds okayest golfer hat, humorous golf gifts

World's Okayest Golfer Hat

​​Funny golf gift for the world's most mediocre golfer. Sure, you could buy them a "World's Best Golfer" gift, but nobody's buying that load of horse-honkey. Keep them humble and hungry with this awesome hat.            

ted talking golf headcover, funny golf gift

​Talking Ted Golf Headcover

​Give this guy a squeeze every time you take him out of your golf bag and he'll delight you with hilariously explicit quotes from the Ted movie. Sure to be a hit with all of your golfing (and Thunder) buddies! 

nice shot golf glove flipping bird, funny golfing gift

​"Nice Shot" Middle Finger Golf Glove

​The only thing worse than playing poorly is watching your fellow golfers pull off amazing shot after amazing shot while you hack it around. Now you can share your true feelings in a beautifully passive-agressive way with this funny golf glove.

funny golf t shirt, problem solved, marriage humor

​"Problem Solved" Funny Golf Shirt

​Let's be honest, there aren't many problems in life that can't be solved by heading to the golf course, but a nagging woman is probably the most common. Awesomely funny golf shirt ​for the guy who can relate (hint: every guy can relate.)

funny golf gift, golfer's doormat

​Funny Golfer's Doormat

​Perfectly funny golf gift for the home. Throw this clever little ​shoe wiper by the front door and let the world know that you're a proud, passionate golfer who's probably out at the course. If they're a true friend, they'll come out and join ya.   

potty putter, funny golf gifts

​​​The Potty Putter - Funny Golfer Gift

​Combining two of our favorite things, pooping and golf, this funny golf gift is guaranteed to be a ​hit. Give them something productive to do in there, besides playing games on their phone. They'll practice until ​their legs fall asleep. 

golf gag gift, foot wedge, funny golf gift

The Foot Wedge - Golf Gag Gift

​We all know the guy (or gal) who ​utilizes the unofficial "foot wedge" when it comes to bad lies, tough rough or inconvenient obstructions. Why not give them ​the real thing with this hilarious gag gift? Great for golf outings. 

funny golf gifts, this is how i roll, funny golf pillow

​​"This Is How I Roll" Golf Pillow

​A wonderfully clever play on the popular phrase "That's how I roll," adapted for golf lovers. This throw pillow will make an excellent addition to any home/couch, providing comfort and laughs after a long day on the golf course. 

id tap that gift set, funny golfer gift

​​​​"I'd Tap That" - Funny Golf Gift Set

​​Next item up for your consideration is a golfer gift set including a golf towel, poker chip ball marker and a drink can cooler, all with the "I'd Tap That" design. Because, honestly, who wouldn't want to tap that?

funny golf gifts, humorous golf socks

​​"Shhh, Golf Is On" Funny Golf Socks

​Perfectly funny golf gift for anyone who enjoys lounging around the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon watching ​golf on TV. When they kick their feet up, everyone else will get the message. Great for dad, grandpa, husband, etc.

exploding golf balls, funny golf gag gift

​​​​Gag Gift - Exploding Golf Balls (4pk)

​It just might be THE original golf gag gift, but it's still one of the best. These balls explode in a puff of ​dust when ​struck, roll-on-the-ground laughter follows. Perfect for golf outings or your weekly game with buddies.

golf club urinal, funny golfer gift

​​Golf Club Urinal - Funny Golf Gift

​​​There's never a bathroom nearby when you really need it out on the golf course, which is probably why so many golfer end up peeing in the woods, bushes, sand traps, etc. Show a little more discretion with this clever golf club urinal. Practical and hilarious, a win-win! 

funny golf gift, fake hair visor, funny gift for bald golfers

Funny ​​Golf Gift - Fake Hair Visor

​​​These visors with crazy hair wigs attached are perfect for charity golf tournaments or any other golf event where a little fun and craziness is appreciated. Check out all of the visor / hair options to find the perfect combination for your style.

humorous caddyshack art print, funny golf gifts

​​Humorous ​Caddyshack Art Print

​Inspired by the legendary golf movie Caddyshack, this wonderfully whacky art print pays tribute to all of our favorite characters. This funny golf gift would make an excellent addition to any golfer's man-cave or office...or ​perhaps even the Oval Office.

i like big putts and i cannot lie, funny golf gift

​​​Funny Golf Shirt - "I Like Big Putts"

​​​​Oh my god, B​ecky, look at that putt. A wise man once said, "I like big butts and I cannot lie." ​Slightly modified for golf​, this cleverly funny golf shirt proclaims your love of golf and witty pop culture references. Made from 100% cotton, because silicone parts are made for toys...whip crack!

19th hole golf wall clock, funny gifts for golfers

​​​The 19th Hole Golf Wall Clock

​​​​For the golfer who also enjoys to drink (and don't they all?) comes this golf-themed wall clock, the 19th Hole. Would make an excellent addition to any home bar, kitchen, basement sanctuary or golf clubhouse snack shack. ​Fun and unique golf gift for dad, grandpa or husband.

funny golf gifts, golf ugly christmas sweater, santa golfing

​​​Golfer's Ugly Christmas Sweater

​​This delightfully awful ugly Christmas sweater features Santa putting at the North Pole​. Argyle sleeves pair with red and green highlights to create the ultimate golf Christmas sweater. Unless your friends are totally lame (get new ones), this is guaranteed to be a hit at your next holiday party.   

the butt putt, funny golf gifts

"The ​​Butt Putt" - Funny Golfer Gift

​​​​​Hone your putting stroke by firing putts into the brown hole. This hilarious golf gift makes farting sounds ​and fires the balls back out of the butt. And if you can putt while staring at these sweet cheeks, you'll be ready to handle anything the real putting green throws your way. ​

funny golf gift for husband, humorous golf mug

​"I Love My Wife" - Funny Golf Mug

​​For her: In big print, it appears to say "I Love My Wife."  Awwww, so sweet.

​For him: Read between the lines and it says "I love it when my wife lets me go golfing." Also sweet, just for a completely different reason. Funny golf gift for husbands.

funny golf gifts, worlds worst driver zippo lighter

"World's Worst Driver" Golf Zippo

​Everyone needs a good lighter (smokers, pyromaniacs, arsonists), so why not give them this funny golf-themed Zippo. Remind them of their piss-poor driving abilities every time they light up a cigar, cigarette or fat blunt. They'll think of you with every smokey treat.  

funny golf mug, the golfers creed

​​Funny "Golfer's Prayer" Coffee Mug

​​This funny golf gift ​provides a golfer's ​version of the serenity prayer. It's a great way to start the morning and it's sure to put a smile on their face every time they read it. Just try to find a better humorous golf gift for 10 bucks​...go ahead, we'll wait.

head down funny golf tees, golf gag gifts

​​​Funny "Keep Yo Head Down" Golf Tees

​​​​The perfect funny gag gift for the golfer who can't seem to keep his head down. These tees feature a naked person ass-up diving into the ground with the tee emerging from their backside. A practical reminder in a hilarious package, no butts about it.

grab your balls we're going golfing, funny golf towel

​​​Hilarious "Grab Your Balls" Golf Towel

​​Every golf bag needs a towel, so why not add a dash of humor to this otherwise boring necessity? This microfiber golf towel sports one of our favorite catch phrases from around the office.  Grab your balls (pause for comedic effect) we're going golfing!

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funny golf gifts, retro golf bottle opener

​​Funny ​Golf Bottle Opener

​​Two of our favorite hobbies merged into one awesome bottle opener. Retro-inspired vintage graphic which reads, "Golf, Drinking and Driving Since 1642." Perfect gift for the golfer who enjoys to drink...or the drinker who enjoys golf.

mysack, funny golf ball pouch

​​​Funny ​Golf Gift - Golfer's Ball Sack

​​​​This hilarious golf gift would make a ​manly addition to any golf bag. Holds 2 golf balls and ​has a velcro closure to keep your balls safe and warm at all times. You'd be nuts to miss out on this one. Sell the family jewels and pick one up today. So yeah, ummm, testicles.

born to golf forced to work mug, funny golfer gifts

​​​​Funny Golf Lover Coffee Mug

​Perfectly captures the plight of most golfers, wanting to golf all the time but ​hindered  by our job and other inconvenient life responsibilities. This humorous golf mug would make a great gift for the passionate golf lover who's not yet retired.  

bushwood country club sweatshirt, caddyshack, hilarious golf gift

​​​Funny Bushwood CC Sweatshirt

​Delight your golfing buddies with this awesome Bushwood Country Club hoodie. A fun ​​tribute to the famous golf club from Caddyshack, ​it'll keep you warm and hilariously stylish. So you got that going for ya, which is nice.

perky hot girl golf tees, sexy woman tees, funny golf tees

​​​​Sexy Girl Golf Tees - 6 pack

​The perky lady golf tee is a classic in the world of golf gag gifts. Perfect for bachelor parties on the golf course, golf outings or anywhere else that a little sexy golf humor is appreciated. Exquisitely detailed for maximum eye pleasure​ and entertainment.

poop emoji golf headcover, funny golfer gifts

​​​​​Poop Emoji Golf Club Headcover

​Check out this adorably funny poop emoji golf club headcover. It would make an excellent gag gift for the sh*ttiest ​golfer in your group. Instantly adds levity and humor to even the most intense, sphincter-clenching matches. It's turd-tastic!

flip the bird golf ball marker, adult humor golf gift

​​​​"Flipping The Bird" Golf Ball Marker

​Stick it to the world (and your playing partners) with this awesome middle finger hat clip / golf ball marker. Golf club champions and weekend duffers alike will appreciate the not-so-subtle gesture that this funny golf gift provides. Sink that birdie putt, then flip the bird to rub a little salt in their wounds.

kneel and pray putter, funny golf gag gift

​"Kneel and Pray" Golf Gag Putter

​While most golfers secretly pray before each putt (we know we do), this hilarious golf gag gift takes it to a whole new level. This tiny hand putter gets the golfer down on his knees, making the always popular putt-and-pray technique ​much easier.

dammit doll stress reliever, funny golf gift

​​​​​​Dammit Doll Golf Stress Reliever

​​Let's face it, golf can be a frustrating game...and we need a better outlet to blow off steam than throwing our golf bag in the pond. Enter the Dammit Doll, a golf-styled stress reliever doll meant to be beaten and abused like a rented mule. Funny gift for golfers with anger management issues. 

going gets tough funny golf gift water bottle

Funny Golf Water Bottle

​​This funny stainless steel water bottle for golfers reads "When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Go Golfing." ​Let's be honest here, we'll use any excuse to head to the golf course, but ​there's certainly nothing better for taking ​one's mind off of problems than being on the golf course.

golf schwetty balls, funny golf gifts

​​"Schwetty Balls" - Funny Golf ​Balls

​Quite possibly the funniest golf balls in the world. ​Instead of traditional golf ball numbers, these 2-packs contain an L and an R (Left Ball and Right Ball, if that wasn't already obvious.) Not ​purely a gag gift, they are actually a decent-quality performance golf ball ... comedy and function, now that's a nice pair.

it takes balls to golf like i do, funny golf shirt

​"​​A ​Lot Of Balls" Funny Golf Shirt

​​​Hilariously funny golf tee shirt with the clever claim that "It Takes A Lot Of Balls To Golf Like I Do." Makes a witty and wonderfully funny golf gift for ​the guy who enjoys a good golf pun. Now they can share their passion for golf and their wicked sense of humor with the world. Boom!  

personalized golf lunch box

Personalized Golfer Lunch Box

​Keep your favorite golfer fueled up on the course with this fun, personalized, retro lunch box. They'll be the envy of their golf group when they pull some tasty munchies from this beautiful box. There's just something funny about seeing a grown adult carry a lunchbox.

id rather be golfing mug, fun golf gift

​​​​"I'd Rather Be Golfing" Mug

​This funny golf mug is 100% truth. No matter what ​they're doing or where they're at, odds are they'd rather be golfing. Makes a funny golf gift for your boss, ​husband, co-worker, ​grandpa, ​dad, ​anyone. Except maybe Batman, he'd probably rather be doing Batman stuff.  

golf club face lube, fun golf gift

​Golf Club Face Lube

​Part golf gag gift, part golf training aid, part unfair performance enhancement, this club face lube (it's actually more of a wax) will decrease the amount of spin on the golf ball​, reducing hooks and slices. Also gives feedback on where contact is being made on clubface. Mmmmm, golf lube.  

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