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​​Welcome to ​our collection of ​the best golf ​gifts for men. ​Whether you've got a golfing grandpa, dad, brother, boyfriend, colleague or husband, you can be sure to find something for the golf guy on your list. ​Our team of avid golfers (mostly guys) has hand-picked this collection so you know they're up to par. Finding unique golf gifts for men has never been this easy before. Happy shopping!

​​golf gifts for men

arccos golf performance tracking system

Arccos Golf Performance Tracker

​​​Golf gifts for men don't get much cooler than this. Simply attach 14 tiny sensors to each club and they provide shot tracking and analytics for every shot throughout each round. The perfect fusion of golf and technology.    

golf bag beer mug

​Golf Bag Beer Mug

​​If he's like most golfers, he enjoys a beer or two before, during or after his round. What better way to enjoy a couple of cold ones than from his brand new frosty golf bag beer mug. ​We'll drink to that!            

batman golf driver headcover

​​Batman Golf Club Headcover

​​​Add a little fun to his golf bag with this Batman headcover. Keeps his driver from getting scratched by all the other clubs banging around in his bag. He's sure to appreciate the Dark Knight watching over his driver. 

garage golf organizer

​​Garage Golf Organizer / Stand

​​Perfect ​gift for a messy golf husband. Ok, maybe this gift is a little bit for you too. Clean up all that golf clutter laying around the garage and ​keep it straight with this handy golf organizer.

best golf balls used by the pros

​​Tour Quality Golf Balls

​​The foolproof golf gift for him. If all else fails, pick him up some high quality golf balls.  Check out our entire page of professional-level golf balls here and surprise him with some new ammo.

500 best golf holes picture book

Greatest Golf Holes Picture Book

​When he's not playing golf, he's probably thinking about golf. This book of some of the greatest golf holes in the world will surely keep his attention and feed his ravenous golf a​ppetite.  

nfl team logo golf headcovers

NFL Team Logo Golf Headcovers

​​​Golf gifts for men don't get much more manly than this. Combining his love of golf and football, these NFL headcovers will bring a smile to his face every time he pulls one from his golf bag. Available in all NFL teams.

golf club cufflinks

Wooden Golf Club Cufflinks

​​Great gift idea for the golfer who already has everything, these beautiful cufflinks are ​hand crafted ​from premium cheery wood and laser etched with the classic golf club design​. Makes a stylish and unique gift for golfers. 

whiskey golf ball chillers glass

​​Glass Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers

​Another great golf gift for dad, or any other golf guy on your list. This 2-pack of glass whiskey chillers shaped like golf balls is guaranteed to be a hit. Chills his drink without watering it down, ​perfect for a post-round drink. 

custom golf pint glass

​​Personalized Golf Pint Glass

​​​Still searching for that unique golf gift for ​​grandpa or dad? How about a personalized golfer pint glass with his name on it? Combining two of his favorite things, golf and beer, this gift is sure to please.

personalized leather golf scorecard holder

​​Italian Leather Golf Scorecard Holder

​​Golf gifts for men don't get much ​more classy than this beautifully crafted scorecard holder, made from Italian leather. He'll be the envy of his golf buddies when he pulls this out every hole to ​mark down his scores​. 

oak golf 6 pack carrier personalized

​​​Personalized Golf 6-Pack Carrier

​Wonderful golf-themed gift idea for him. These six-pack carriers are crafted from oak, laser engraved with golf details and personalized with your name. They even have a handy bottle opener attached to the side.  Genius! 

golf club groover cleaner sharpener

Golf Club Groove Sharpener

​This nifty little gadget is used for cleaning and sharpening the grooves on his golf clubs, which allows for cleaner contact and more spin. Attaches to his golf bag so it's always there when he needs it, which is probably a lot. 

golf cart cigar holder

Clip On Cigar Holder

​​Great golf gift for your dad or grandpa who enjoys firing up a cigar while on the golf course. Clips to the golf cart or just about anything else so he can use it on the boat, in the garage, out in the yard, etc, etc.

home golf driving range net

​​Indoor Home Driving Range Net

Now he can work on his golf game from the comfort of his own home. Can be easily moved, so you can banish him to the basement or garage if you don't want him crushing drives in your living room, as pictured above. Wherever he takes it, he's gonna love it.

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personalized golf divot tool

​Personalized Golf Divot Repair Tools

​Great golf gift idea for the man on your list. He'll be the envy of his golfing buddies with a brand new personalized divot repair tool. Every golfer needs one, so why not give him one he'll always remember you for.


4 Personalized Golf Whiskey Glasses

​These beautiful glasses can be personalized with your golfer's initials. Golf and cocktails go hand-in-hand ​and this gift blends the two to perfection. Pick some up for your favorite drinker / golfer today!

colorful green golf socks

​Colorful Golf Socks

​​Socks?!? Nobody wants socks, right? Not so fast. These colorful golf-themed socks would make a great addition to ​any golfer's wardrobe, and we're sure your special golfing guy would agree.

under armour golf rain suit

​​Under Armour Golf Rain Suit

​If your golf guy is like the rest of us, he'll ​play in just about any conditions; rain, hurricane or monsoon be damned. Help him stay warm and dry (and probably a little crazy) with this rain gear from Under Armour. 

Golfer's Grill / BBQ Tools

​Great gift for the guy who likes to fire up the grill after a long day on the course. And what better way to toss ​the meats and sausages around than with this beautiful set of golf-themed grill tools with golf grip handles.

short game golf chipping net

Chipping Practice Net

​​The equivalent of skee-ball or cornhole for golfers. He'll spend hours just chipping away on this practice net. He can use it indoor / outdoor and it folds down quickly for easy transport.


​​​Funny Golf Socks

​​Quiet please! The perfect gift for your dad or grandpa who loves lounging around the house watching golf on the weekends. 

personalized whiskey decanter

Custom Engraved Whiskey Decanter

​​An awesome golf-themed gift idea for men. These beautiful decanters and glasses ​​will be custom engraved and personalized to your specifications. ​

golf trunk organizer

​​Trunk Golf Organizer

​Help him get that hot mess in his trunk sorted out. This clever organizer handles all the dirty work for you, and he's sure to love it.

personalized golf ball markers

​​​​Personalized Hat Clip Golf Ball Markers

​​​​Splendidly unique golf gift for dad, grandpa or husband. These hat clips have ​wood or metal ball markers which can be personalized with your favorite golfer's name or initials. Simple, yet ​unique golf gift for him. 

laser cut wooden golf coasters

​​Laser Cut Wooden Golf Coasters

​These beautiful golf-themed ​cherry coasters are laser etched with ​a stylishly simple golf design. Solid wood, over a 1/4 inch thick, these high quality coasters would make a great gift for the golf lover in your life.

4 golf patent prints framed

​​​4 Golf Patent Prints

​Awesome images from original golf patent applications ​framed under glass and ready to be hung. Unique golf gift for men that will make  a​ wonderful addition to their office or man cave.

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