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​​Welcome to ​our collection of ​the best golf ​​training aids on the market. ​​It doesn't matter if you're looking for minor golf swing tweaks or a complete swing overhaul, these golf training aids can help you practice the proper techniques and reinforce solid golf swing muscle memory. ​Our team of avid golfers (of varying skill levels) has ​tested most of these golf training aids and if we didn't find them useful, you won't find them here. ​Identifying ​the best golf swing training aids has never been this easy before. Happy shopping!

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golf swing trainer, golf training tool

​​S​KLZ Gold Flex - Golf ​Training Aid

​​​Improve your golf swing tempo, core strength and flexibility with this weighted golf swing trainer. Sounds almost too easy and simple to be true, but we've ​seen excellent results from as little as a few warm-up swings before a round. Definitely worth a look.   

best golf putting aid, practice putting green

​The Best Indoor ​Practice ​Putting ​Green

​Quite simply the best indoor practice putting ​green we've ever seen. ​This ​brilliant putting trainer can ​simulate different green speeds​, and you can even create breaks and curves with the included wedges. We have one in our office and it's the real deal!             

golf alignment sticks, golf training aids

​​​Golf Alignment Sticks (2 pack)

​There's a reason you'll see these handy alignment sticks on the range at PGA events, as even the pro's​ need help ​with their alignment from time to time. ​​These simple, yet powerful sticks remain one of the most popular and widely used golf training aids in the world. 

golf putting mirror, golf putting trainer

​Putting Mirror Training Aid

​Perfect your putting stroke with this putting mirror alignment aid. See your eyes over the ball as you hone ​the alignment and consistency of your putting stroke. A few ​putts with this before your round and you'll be rolling the rock like a pro all day long.

tour striker golf swing trainer, best golf training aid

​Tour Striker Golf Training Aid

​​​The key to solid ball striking? Consistently delivering the ​sweet spot of the club face to the ball. The Tour Striker trains ​golfers to do just that with its innovative club face design. It can take a few swings to grasp the concept, but once you do, watch out Sergio.

impact bag, golf training aid, golf swing trainer

​​Golf Swing Trainer Impact Bag

​​An oldie, but still very much a goodie, the impact bag has been a staple in the golf training aid business for years. Its success has spawned a number of copycats and knock-offs, but the original is still the king. Durable and effective, add it to your training today! 

golf swing balance trainer, golf training aid

​​Golf Swing Balance Training Aid

​​​​Beautiful in its simplicity, this board can be used to improve balance throughout the golf swing. Helps strengthen core and leg/hip stabilization muscles, you can even use it to replicate uneven lies on the course. As Mr Miyagi wisely said, "First learn balance."

putting golf training aid, putting training aid

​​Putting Pace Training Aid

​​​​Precision putting is all about speed and direction. Master your pace with this ingenious putting training aid. Simply lay it on the green and practice putting into the simulated cup, where it provides feedback on your ​speed. They'll start calling you Master P(ace).

golf swing training aid, golf ball striking trainer

Golf Swing Impact Labels

​Work on your ball striking with these adhesive labels which fit neatly over the club face and record the location of impact. Each label can be used to record 6-8 ​impacts, and each pack contains 250+ labels, so that's a lot of ball striking practice. Better get to it.  

superspeed golf training aid, golf swing trainer

​​​SuperSpeed Golf Training Aid System

​Geared towards increasing swing speed and strengthening core golf swing muscles, these golf training clubs (in 3 different weights) are a proven success in gaining swing speed and distance with every club in your bag. The results / reviews speak for themselves.

golf bunker trainer, golf sand shot practice aid

​Pocket Bunker Golf Training Aids

​​​​​Bunker shots are the bane of many golfer's existence, but not anymore. These ​gadgets were designed to replicate the feel of hitting sand shots, ​only you can hit them off of any surface. ​Never again will you have to kick the kids out of the sandbox. 

golf swing trainer, golf training aid

​​Izzo Smooth Swing Golf Training Aid

​​A simple, effective golf swing trainer for the value-conscious golfer. This durable​ band promotes a solid backswing with the arms and body turning back together. Just a few practice swings with this before your round and you'll be in the groove. 

putting line golf training aid, putting practice aid

Golf Putting Line Training Aid

​​A delightfully simple putting training aid that actually produces great results. A string is held between two pegs to help train your eyes and putter alignment. ​It's so easy and effective you'll wonder why you hadn't thought of this earlier.​ 

golf swing plane training aid, golf swing trainer

Golf Swing Plane Laser Training Aid

​​Simply attach to the end of any club and use the laser pointer to check the alignment of your swing plane throughout the backswing, top and downswing. Just a few practice swings and you'll be locked in on-plane and ready to rock.

short game golf chipping net

Golf Chipping Practice Net

​​Add a little fun to your ​short game practice with this pop-up chipping net. ​You can spend hours just ​pitching away ​at this skee-ball inspired net. ​​This slick golf training aid can be used indoor ​or outdoor and it folds down quickly for easy transport.

orange whip best golf training aid, golf swing training aid

​​Orange Whip Golf Swing Training Aid

​​​T​he Orange Whip really does it all! A few swings with this training aid, as a warm-up or as a workout, can help improve golf swing rhythm, tempo, balance, flexibility and strengthen core golf muscles. There's a reason so many pro's and golf teachers rave about it.​ 

golf swing training aid, golf swing speed training

​​Golf Swing Training Aid -Speed Fan

​​​Swing it like you would a golf club and the fan provides wind resistance throughout, strengthening every muscle needed for a powerful golf swing. ​Imagine swinging a golf club underwater and you get the idea, this ​gadget will firm up the core golf muscles.

golf putting training aid, putting practice balls

​​Putting ​Improvement Practice Balls

​These practice balls ("O-balls"​​) provide instant feedback when used for putting ​training. The circles drawn around the ball will let you know​ what kind of contact you're making ​by the way in which they roll; true (good putt) or wobble like crazy (not so good putt.)  

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putting golf training aid, pendulum putting practice aid

Pendulum Motion Putting Training Aid

​​​​You may have seen this cool putting training aid on TV, as many of the pro's use it to reinforce their putting stroke on the practice green. ​Helps to train a solid putting foundation, from stance and set-up to a consistent​ pendulum style putting stroke.

golf putting training aid, golf putting trainer

​​​SKLZ Putt Pocket Putting Trainer

​Perfect your putting stroke for under $10 with the Putt Pocket. Lay it in an actual cup on the putting green and practice visualizing the angles your putts need to enter the hole from. Or you can lay it on any flat surface (we like the kitchen floor) to practice your putting aim.

golf practice aid, golf swing trainer

"​​​Keep Your D*mn Head Still" Trainer

​​For the golfer who struggles with consistency in their short game. Simply clip the device to your hat and train yourself to keep ​your head calm throughout the swing. Perfect for putting and chipping, but can be used for full shots too. 

putting practice, golf putt training aid

​​Practice Putting Trainer w/ Ball Return

​​​​​Sharpen your putting stroke from the comfort of your own home. Gravity-powered ball return will keep the putt-party going all night long. ​ 

portable golf driving range net and turf

​​​​Driving Range In A Bag

​Now you can turn any​where into your own personal driving range. Net, turf mat and carrying bag included, it really is a portable driving range in a bag.

practice putting green, golf putting training aid

At Home ​Practice Putting Green

​Yet another putting training aid, seems to be a theme here, no? Looks ​basic enough, but this smart little putting green packs some unique features.

golf putting trainer, putting stroke golf training aid

​Pelz Golf Putting Stroke Training Aid

​​​Yet another great putting training aid, this putting track was designed by the master of golf instruction to train the perfect putting stroke. Ideal for working on a smooth, pendulum stroke while maintaining alignment towards your intended target line.

golf swing path training aid, golf practice aid

Golf Swing ​Path Training Aid Guide

​Here's an excellent guide for working on footwork and swing path adjustments for a variety of different golf shots. It acts as a visual golf coach allowing you to work on specific swing paths (both the takeaway and the follow through) needed for each shot.

golf putting practice aid, golf putt practice tool

​​Down The Line Putting Trainer

​Ever wonder why there are so many golf putting aids out there? Because solid putting ​is ​THAT important to scoring​ well. This putting training aid teaches a consistent stroke that will result in better top spin​, leading to better control and aim = more made putts.

golf swing training aid, golf grip trainer

Golf ​Grip and Tempo Training Aid

​This nifty little golf swing trainer features a molded grip to teach proper grip and hand position on the club. Two different weight settings allow you to practice swings, strengthening golf-specific muscles and building proper golf swing tempo.

putting gadget, golf putting aid

​​Smart Putter With Integrated Level

​​​Sure, it may look a little strange and probably even a bit gimmicky, but there's nothing funny about the results. The level can be used for ​training a square putter through impact and can even be used to read subtle breaks on the green. 

golf training aid, golf ball striking training aid

​​Golf Ball Striking Training Aid

​Now you can focus on improving your ball striking​, even if you don't have time to hit the range​. Simply attach the shield to any ​iron and receive instant feedback as the soft balls you hit will stick to the clubface, letting you know exactly where you are making contact.  

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