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​Below you'll find ​our collection of ​the best golf ​​gadgets. ​​From new golf technology to ​shot tracking and GPS systems to laser rangefinders to golf course speakers and everything in between, you'll find something for every golfer looking for that extra edge out on the course. ​Our team of ​tech-savvy and ever-improving golfers​ has hand-picked this collection so you know they're up to par. We've tried and tested hundred of golf gadgets, throwing the gimmicky and useless ones in the trash heap. What's left are the cream of the crop, the golf gadgets with the best reputations and most useful implementations. Finding ​cool golf ​gadgets has never been this easy before. Happy shopping!

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golf buddy gps system, cool golf gadget

​​Golf Buddy Voice2 GPS

​Small, simple and powerful, this highly-rated golf gadget is a favorite of ours. They can clip it anywhere (hat, belt, bag, etc) and ​this handy little gizmo will provide useful distances (like front/center/back of green) as they work ​their way around the golf course.

golf gadget, orange whip golf swing trainer

​​Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer

​This clever golf gadget does it all! A few swings with the Orange Whip, as a warm-up or as a workout, can help improve golf swing rhythm, tempo, balance, flexibility and strengthen core golf muscles. There's a reason so many pro's and golf teachers rave about it.

game golf gadget, golf tracking and analysis

​​​Game Golf Tracker and Analysis

​​​​Perfect golf gadget gift idea for the golfer who enjoys diving into the numbers and analytics of their game. System comes with sensors that attach to clubs, which then provide shot by shot ​analysis​ throughout the entire round. Who knew golf stats could be so much fun?!?

golf sunglasses bluetooth speakers, cool golf gadget

​Golf Sunglasses w/ Bluetooth Speakers

​​​What's cooler than some slick new golf shades? How about ​these slick new Callaway golf sunglasses with built-in bluetooth speakers. These beauties will keep them rocking while ​their rolling the rock out on the golf course or driving range.    

laser rangefinder for golfers with pinsensor

 Golf Rangefinder w/ Pinsensor

​​​Even with a GPS watch or gadget, every golfer still needs a good laser rangefinder for measuring various targets and hazards around the course. This model provides high-end performance at a very reasonable price. The reviews don't lie, check it out today!           

portable golf driving range net and turf

​​​Portable Indoor Driving Range

​Set comes complete with net, a turf mat with 3 levels of "grass" and a handy carry bag for easy transport. It literally is a driving range in a bag, and now they can take ​it with ​them wherever they may go. Perfect golf gadget gift for the golf addict in your life.

golf gadget, golf swing speed radar system

Golf Swing Speed Radar

​​​This golf gadget will be loads of fun for golfers of all skill levels. The doppler radar sensor accurately measures swing speeds, providing immediate feedback. Use it as a training tool for consistency or just swing out of your shoes for max speed. Either way, it's a blast.

arccos golf performance tracking system, cool golf gadget

​​​Arccos Golf Performance Tracker

Golf ​gadgets don't get much cooler than this. Simply attach ​a tiny sensor to each club and they provide shot tracking and analytics for every shot throughout each round. The perfect fusion of golf and technology, this system makes a perfect gift for the techie golfer.

golf practice chipping net

​Pop-Up Golf Chipping Net Set

​Add a little fun to practice time with this Skee-Ball inspired golf chipping net. Set comes with 12 foam practice golf balls and ​a nylon travel bag. Now they can work on their short game in the backyard, on the beach or even in the living room (no divots please!) 

portable wireless golf speakers

​​Wireless Portable Golf Speakers

​These Flip4 bluetooth speakers from JBL are at the top of our list for portable golf speakers. Powerful sound performance mixed with rugged style, these​ wireless speakers are even waterproof, just in case somebody spills a beer on them or accidentally drives the golf cart into a lake.

home golf simulator, golf swing training aid

Rapsodo ​​Golf Simulator

​​​Forget about spending thousands of dollars on a home golf simulator when you can pick up this clever golf system from Rapsodo for a couple hundred bucks. Now you can get golf swing and launch data from the comfort of your own home. Big simulator features ​at a fraction of the cost.

cobra king f7 golf smart driver

​​​Cobra King F7 Smart Driver

​​It was only a matter of time before they started integrating technology into golf clubs. Introducing the Cobra King F7 driver with Cobra-Connect, ​which allows you ​to track driver distance and accuracy for every tee shot. It can't swing itself, at least not yet, but we're sure that's not far off in the future. 

bushnell golf rangefinder

​​​Bushnell Tour V4 Laser Rangefinder

​Bushnell is ​THE name ​in golf laser rangefinders. Solid, durable construction paired with unmatched performance make the Tour V4 a favorite amongst pro's and amateurs alike. Give them the best without breaking the bank. They'll love it.

golf gadget, golf ball cleaner pouch

​Golf Ball / Golf Club Cleaner Pouch

​We're not sure if a golf ball​ cleaner qualifies as a true golf gadget or not, but this handy pouch has been getting rave reviews from the golfers at our local club. Easy to use and much more sanitary than the course ball washers, they will think of you every time they clean their balls. 

puma wireless golf speakers

Weather-proof ​​​​Puma Golf Speakers

​These wireless speakers were designed for the golf course. Magnets can be used to loop the speaker or attach it to any metal surface. The vibrant orange color definitely adds a splash of style and fun to any round of golf. ​T​ravels well to the beach or backyard BBQ.​  

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golf club groover cleaner sharpener

​Golf Club Groove Sharpener

​This nifty golf gadget is used for cleaning and sharpening the grooves on golf clubs, which allows for cleaner contact and more spin. Attaches to ​the golf bag so it's there when ​they need it, which is probably a​ll the time. 

golf cart cigar holder

Clip On Cigar Holder

​​Great golf ​gadget for ​the golfer who enjoys firing up a cigar while on the golf course. Clips to the golf cart or just about anything else so they can use it on the boat, in the garage, out in the yard, in the Oval Office, etc, etc.

home golf driving range net

​​Indoor Home Driving Range Net

Now ​they can work on ​their golf game from the comfort of home. Can be easily moved, so you can banish ​them to the basement or garage if you don't want ​them ​smashing drives in ​the living room, ​like the guy pictured above.

golf swing thoughts shoe tip reminders

​​Shoe Tips - Golf Swing Reminders

​​These clever little interchangeable golf shoe tags remind the golfer to focus on key thoughts before every swing. Choose from the numerous provided tags or write your own to keep your mental pre-shot routine on point.

golf swing camera holder golf gadget

​Phone Holder For Golf Swing Videos

​Sounds like a wacky golf gadget, right? Not so fast. Vast numbers of golfers are now using their phones to record golf swing videos for analysis and this gizmo helps accomplish that feat flawlessly. Don't take our word for it...

golf performance drink

​​Golf Performance Drink

​​​A sports performance drink made especially for golfers that doesn't have alcohol in it? ​I know, we were shocked too. Early reviews have been mostly positive and it does not contain any illegal/banned substances​. Worth a shot.

best golf ball retriever

​​​Callaway Golf Ball Retriever

​​​Imagine all the treasures they will find with this groovy golf gadget. Extends up to 15 feet, so virtually no creek or stream will be off-limits when it comes to finding under water golf balls. ​Retracts to fit neatly inside golf bag when not in use.

floating short game golf practice

​Floating Green Golf Practice Aid

​Just think of all the fun they'll have firing pitch shots at this fun floating practice green. Comes with 12 velco practice balls and a chipping mat, and it can also be used on dry land, ​handy when the kids/dog get tired of swimming out to collect all the balls.

weight training golf gadget

​RMT Club - Fitness Golf Gadget

​​​​They'll feel like a caveman swinging this mighty fitness club around, but they'll also be strengthening key golf muscles. Durable, flexible and available in several different weight options, you can find the perfect "club" for your favorite golfer. Fitness and golf, brilliant!​

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