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​​​​If you​'re looking for a unique golf gift, take a peak at our collection of personalized golf tees. ​​​​A pack of custom golf tees is the gift that keeps giving,​ as they'll see it (and think of you) every time they tee up. ​Our team of golf addicts ​​has sorted through the many golf tee printing ​companies available to curate this amazing collection of unique and ​personalized golf tees. ​We've analyzed ​the results (based on price, quality and unique features) ​and you'll find the best of the best below.  Happy shopping!

​personalized golf tees / custom golf tees / unique golf tees

100 pack personalized golf tees with color text

​​Personalized Golf Tees (100 pack)

​Create your own unique phrase or reminder, choose your text color and then sit back and wait for your beautiful set of personalized golf tees to arrive. A fun, practical and uniquely personalized gift for the golfer in your life.

laser engraved personalized golf tees natural wood

​Laser Engraved Personalized Golf Tees

​​​More than just some fancy color printing on a golf tee, these beautifully personalized golf tees with be laser engraved with your own custom message to create a one-of-a-kind ​gift for your favorite golf lover.           

parsaver fun emoji golf tees, smiley face cup golf tees

​​ParSaver Smiley Emoji Golf Tees

​​While not technically personalized golf tees, these fun tees are definitely unique. A variety of fun emoji smiley faces are printed in the tee cup (where the golf ball sits,) providing a little ray of sunshine and humor on every hole.

1000 pack personalized golf tees in various colors, custom golf tees

​​Personalized Golf Tees - Colors (1000 pack)

​​Restock ​your tee supply with a bulk order of customized golf tees in a variety of fun colors. Add your own message (up to 24 characters) to create the perfect personalized golf gift.

4 pack of metal personalized golf tees, unique golf gift

​Metal Engraved Custom Golf Tees

​​Great gift idea for ​golfers, these metal tees can be personalized with your name/initials of choice. Not intended to be used on the course, they are made of metal and work much better as a keepsake or desk decoration.

1000 pack custom golf tees, white personalized golf tees

​Custom Golf Tees (1000 pack)

​​If ​they're more of a traditionalist and don't want all those wild and wacky ​tee colors, these white tees can be personalized with your own custom message. Simple and personalized, they will love 'em. 

unique and colorful painted golf tee, unique golf tees

​​​​Unique Paint Splatter Golf Tees

​We've been golfing a long time and have never seen such a colorfully unique golf tee before. Part golf tee, part artwork, these fun paint splatter golf tees will surely get some attention.

personalized golf tees with logo cup and shank printed, customizable golf tees

​Personalized Golf Tees W/ Cup Logo

​There are many options for customized golf tees with printing along the stem, but not many companies offer the option to print in the tee cup. Great for corporate logos or family crests.

colorful plastic golf tees, fun colors golf tees

Plastic Neon Golf Tees

​These plastic golf tees with neon cups are virtually impossible to lose and almost as hard to break. Why go through a bag of broken wooden tees every round when you can use these instead?

tripod golf tees, unique golf tees

​​​​​Unique Tripod Golf Tees (3 pack)

​​Whoa, it's so crazy it just might be genius! These tripod golf tees offer several unique features: consistent tee height, virtual unbreakability and fun colors. 3 pack of varying height tees.

callaway eternitees, unbreakable golf tees

​Unbreakable Callaway Eterni-Tees 

​​The unique combination of ​ construction, material and design make these tees virtually unbreakable. The innovative tip also reduces spin for enhanced distance and accuracy.

colorful golf tees, plastic golf tees with rubber tips

Plastic Neon Golf Tees

​These fun and colorful golf tees are also designed to be durable. With their plastic stems and rubber cups, these tees will take a licking and keep right on ticking. And the colors are fun too!

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