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​Below you'll find a collection ​of some of our favorite colored golf balls. Perhaps they like the bright colors because they're easier to see soaring through the sky. Maybe they just enjoy ​the splash of color and style that a unique colored golf ball ​brings to the table. ​Whatever the reason, we've assembled a nifty little list of some of the best colored golf ball options currently on the market.

​colored GOLF BALLS


new yellow prov1 golf balls titleist

*NEW* Titleist ​Pro V1 Yellow Golf Balls

​​Titleist ha​d held off on making colored ProV1s​ for a long time, but finally they are here! ​Now you can play the ​PGA Tour's most popular golf ball with a snazzy neon yellow exterior. Boom! 

nike mojo assorted colors golf balls

​​Nike MOJO Assorted Colors Golf Balls

​​The Nike MOJO line has been popular with golfers since it was launched years ago. Maybe it's the fun colors (blue, orange, yellow and green) or the good luck they seem to be ​injected with.        

bridgestone b330 tour yellow golf balls

​​Bridgestone B330 Yellow Golf Balls

​Bridgestone is one of the few brands to make a colored version of their highest-end balls.  Now you can play a bright yellow ball without compromising quality or performance. Nice!

vice pro plus fire red golf balls

​​Vice Golf Pro Plus Fire Red Golf Balls

​Vice is one of the hot new names in golf balls. Maybe it's their hip marketing ​campaigns or their cool colors. Whatever it is, they make some pretty cool tour-quality golf balls and sell em at a discount.

bridgestone e6 orange golf balls

Bridgestone e6 Orange Golf Balls

​The Bridgestone e6 was one of the original quality golf balls from a big player to be offered in colored varieties.  It is still one of the most popular due to its consistency and playability.            

volvik crystal blue golf balls

​​​Volvik Crystal Ice Blue Golf Balls

​Volvik has made their name in the colored golf ball arena, offering a number of unique colors and finishes.  ​Check out these icy blue golf balls and the other color options available to see just what we're talking about. 

wilson duo tour yellow golf balls

Wilson DUO Yellow Golf Balls

​Wilson is making a comeback in the golf ball market with their latest release, the DUO.  ​Now available in yellow so you can mix a splash of color with ​your high performance golf ball.                       

taylor made project a yellow golf balls

​Taylor Made Project (a) Yellow Balls

​​Another high quality offering from the folks at TaylorMade, this time in hi-vis yellow.  The Project (a) has been a very popular ball amongst amateurs since it's introduction, and now they've recently added the yellow ​color option.

titleist pro v1 pink accent golf balls

​Titleist ProV1s w/ Pink Accents

​​​Not a colored golf ball in the truest sense, but it's the only color you're going to find on a ProV1.  Pink numbers and side stamps give these Titleists a touch of color and pizazz that you just won't find on any others.

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callaway supersoft multi color golf balls

Callaway SuperSoft Assorted Colors

​As the name implies, Callaway's SuperSoft balls are exceptionally soft and smooth around the greens. This dozen comes with a sleeve of each color: blue, orange, yellow and white.

stata boom multi colored golf ball pack

Stata Boom! Multi Color Golf Ball Box

​24 balls in this BOOM BOX from Strata, 6 each of blue, orange, yellow and green. Big distance off the tee and just enough feel around the green to almost make you forget you're playing a blue ball.

wilson chaos multi colored golf ball pack

Wilson Chaos Asstd Color ​Golf Balls

​Wilson CHAOS balls are sold in a case of 24 balls, with 6 of each of the following colors: blue, orange, yellow and green. A great value for 2 dozen balls of various colors.

vice golf pro plus lime green golf balls

Vice Pro Soft Lime Green Golf Balls

​Hard to tell until you see them in person, but these balls really are closer to a lime green color than your traditional neon yellow golf ball. Throw in the tour-level performance and you've got one sexy ball.

nitro multi color golf ball 15 pack

Nitro Assorted Colors Golf Balls

​The Nitro name has always been synonymous with raw power and distance and these balls are no exception.  At least the bright colors will help you see it as it flies off into the distance.

callaway chrome soft yellow pattern golf balls

​Callaway Chrome Soft Yellow Balls

​​Another high-quality ball available in a colored option, they call this their "Truvis" pattern and claim it helps golfers track the ball. We think it looks like a soccer ball, but what do we know. People seem to like them.

srixon soft feel yellow golf balls

Srixon Soft Feel Tour Yellow Golf Balls

​Srixon makes some of the best colored golf balls on the market today. Their SoftFeel line in Tour Yellow is one of most popular balls among the mid-high handicappers.

volvik vivid bright yellow golf balls

​​Volvik Vivid Neon Green Golf Balls

​Another exceptional offering from the colored golf ball wizards at Volvik, their Vivid Green golf balls will make your eyes wonder if they're playing tricks on you. Check out the rest of their colors.

taylor made distance plus golf balls yellow

​​TaylorMade Distance+ Yellow Golf Balls

​​​When you want the explosive distance off the tee, but don't want to give away all feel and touch around the greens, you want the TaylorMade Distance+. Available in hi-vis yellow.

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