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​Below you'll find a collection of ​the best golf balls on the market. No matter the skill level of your golfer, they will surely benefit from the professional performance of these tour-quality golf balls. Virtually every golf professional in the world is using one of the balls from our list. Sure, they may cost a few bucks more than the cheap-o balls, but you get what you pay for and these balls are the real deal.

​the best GOLF BALLS / What the pros play


titleist pro v1x golf balls

Titleist Pro V1X Golf Balls

​The Titleist ProV1 remains the most popular golf ball on the PGA Tour by a wide margin. The gold standard of performance and consistency, nearly every golfer would be happy to receive a box of these beauties.

bridgestone tour B RX B stamp tour golf balls

​Bridgestone Tour B-RX Golf Balls

​Tiger, yes that Tiger, recently ​switched to the Bridgestone Tour ball.  And if it's good enough for arguably the greatest golfer of all time, then we bet it's good enough for the rest of us as well.              

taylormade tp5 golf balls

​TaylorMade TP5 Golf Balls

​​If there's one name that's closing in on the Titleist ProV1's dominance in the golf ball market it would be the high end T​Made balls. These TP5 balls are quickly gaining ​a following for their explosive distance and silky touch.

srixon z star tour golf balls

​Srixon Z Star Golf Balls

​Another up-and-coming golf ball we're seeing more of lately on the Tour is the ZStar ball from Srixon. Save a few bucks on price without sacrificing performance and give 'em a try.

vice pro golf balls

​Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

​A newcomer to the golf ball market, Vice promises Tour-level performance at a discounted price​.  We've played them and they are very comparable to the other high-end balls on this list.

snell my tour golf balls

​​Snell My Tour Golf Balls

​​Snell Golf may not be the biggest name on our list, but they make a high-quality tour ball that competes with any of the others at a significant discount. Definitely worth a look. 

callaway chromesoft x golf balls

​Callaway ChromeSoft X Golf Balls

​Callaway has been a leader in golf balls and equipment for years. Their ​tour-level ​ChromeSoft ball is a favorite of many pros and amateurs alike. As advertised, these balls are soft as pillows around the green.

titleist pro v1 golf balls, every golfer's favorite golf ball

​Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

​Why does Titleist get two spots on our list for their Pro V1 golf balls? Because they are the undisputed leader and these two variations are the clear favorites of golfers the world over. Can't go wrong with either option.

wilson staff fg tour golf balls

Wilson Staff FG Tour Golf Balls

​​Wilson has been in the golf game since its infancy and they've recently ventured back into the golf ball market with their FG Tour ball.  A high performance ball from one of the most trusted names in golf.

taylor made tour preferred golf balls

​TaylorMade Tour Preferred Golf Balls

​Another high-quality ball from the folks at TaylorMade. ​Join Tour stars like DJ and Rory and make TaylorMade your ball of choice.

vice pro plus golf balls

Vice Golf Pro Plus Golf Balls

​Vice Golf offers several different pro-level balls (in a variety of hot colors too).  The Pro Plus ball is another solid addition to any golf bag.

bridgestone b330rx yellow golf balls

​Bridgestone B330 Tour Yellow Balls

​Only a handful of top-quality balls are offered in colors other than traditional white.  Hi-Vis yellow color with B330 performance, a perfect combination.

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